Trans Bodies Trans Selves – Montreal Forum

7 11 2011

Hi readers! If any of you are in Montreal, you should come to this event that I’m co-organising! We’ve already gotten some awesome press about the event here. The event is tied to the Trans Bodies Trans Selves resource guide project so if you’re not in Montreal, you can still check out the site to see if they are having an event in your area.  No matter where you are, there is a survey you can fill out online if you want your voice to be heard for this project!

Tr@nz – January 2011 issue

22 02 2011

The latest issue of Tr@nz is out! Tr@nz is a bilingual (French and English) online magazine about local (Montreal/Quebec/Canada) and international issues affecting trans folks. Scroll down after following the link to download the PDF file for the latest issue. You can also subscribe to the magazine and get an email from Maxime every time a new issue comes out.


We need to keep fighting! Bill C-389

15 02 2011

I strongly urge all readers who are residents of Canada to check out this link.

It contains a sample letter and an easy “copy-pastable” list of Canadian senators who will soon be deciding the fate of Bill C-389. If you didn’t already know, this bill would ensure rights for trans people in Canada by adding gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination in the Canadian charter of human rights. (More on this issue here.) You are free to write your own letter of course but if time is short and words fail you, 2 minutes of your time is all it takes to copy and paste this sample letter and list of senators into your email and click send.

Right now, the people who have the government’s ears are the extreme right-wing nuts who think that all trans people are pedophiles out to get into the showers of little girls. So if we don’t speak up “en masse,” this bill will die and who knows if trans people will have official rights in Canada any time in the next 50 years.

Thanks in advance for any little thing you can do to help!

Why I will go out of town for top surgery

7 01 2011

Trigger warning: fatphobic and classist incident.

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2011 Transguys Calendar

26 08 2010

A friend of a transguy in the US put together a project to sell transguy calendars to help raise funds for surgery. You can find out more about the project or order your calendar here.

TransForum in Vancouver

18 03 2010

Thought this could be of interest to any Vancouver area readers. This is copies from their Facebook page:

Our names are Corey Keith and Kate Lamothe. We are a working subcommittee of the local feminist potluck and activism circle the Femininjas. We are a Feminist organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of trans people, people living in poverty, queers, sex workers, and other marginalized peoples.

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January 2010 edition of Tr@nz

25 01 2010

Here is the latest edition of Tr@nz, an online magazine on all things trans-related, produced by a brother right here in Montreal. Whereas Tr@nz previously alternated between French and English editions, it is now bilingual. This month’s edition has an article in French by yours truly. But most importantly, there is some interesting news about access to surgeries in Québec (in both languages).


New trans resource

3 08 2009

Maxime LeMay, ex president of the local trans association ATQ (Association des TransexuelLEs du Québec) is now producing a bilingual magazine on all things trans! The exciting part is that it is free and online! Some of the information is specific to Quebec but some of the articles are of interest to all.

Check out Tr@nz!

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2008

20 11 2008