2011 Transguys Calendar

26 08 2010

A friend of a transguy in the US put together a project to sell transguy calendars to help raise funds for surgery. You can find out more about the project or order your calendar here.

Still not dead

4 08 2010

*sigh*. I’ve been a very bad blogger but it’s all justified. The past few months have been spent healing from my hysterectomy (which went well) at the end of March, organising 20 million events and preparing for fieldwork for my PhD.

At the end of June, all my worldly possessions, except for the ones I was taking with us (me and my son), went into storage. Then we couch surfed for a month, which was very stressful. Last Friday, we started the long drive up to Chisasibi, Quebec, a Native community on the Eastern James Bay coast, where we will be for the next year.

I probably will only blog here from time to time. However, I will blog about my experience in Chisasibi over at my anthro blog.This blog isn’t dead of course. I’m sure once I settle into a routine, I will have other things to say – not just on transition but about all sorts of non-anthro stuff (although it really is ALL ANTHRO : ). Also, I still have things to transfer from my old blog so I’ll try to put up some blasts from the past from time to time.