(Un)Heard: Transmasculine Men of Color Speak

20 06 2011

Check out their call for participants here.

Thanks to your support and love (Un)heard Transmasculine People of Color Speak! has been funded through our kickstarter.com page. Now its time for us hit the road!  Transmasculine POCs we want your stories! If we get enough participants, the project may become a book!

If you are interested in being interviewed/photographed for the project please email us at transunheard@gmail.com.

FYI for people living in central Canada, they might be in Toronto July 1-3 according to the info contained on the list.

2012 Trans Calendars in the works!

20 06 2011

They are still looking for models and other collaborators. Check it out here or on Facebook.

TopSide Press Call for Submission

15 06 2011

Thought this would be of interest to readers:


I’m not dead! I will probably have another blogging spurt soon….lots on my mind!