“I thought you’d be interested in this.”

3 01 2011

Disclaimer: This post is meant as a humourous observation, not a complaint.


A funny thing phenomenon began to happen at work when people finally wrapped their minds around my transition. To show how supportive and understanding they were, people sent me links to every single article on transsexuals and transsexuality they came across. It’s quite hilarious. I don’t know how many emails I got that were the subject line looked like: “FWD: insert news headline about transsexuality or a transsexual person here” and in which the contents read something like: “Hi Jacky, I came across this and I thought you’d be interested” followed by a link to something like Chaz Bono’s transition or Thomas Beatie’s pregnancy. Even more hilarious were the links to “Trans 101” type articles or articles on how to respect a trans co-worker.

But, since the spirit behind it all was well-intentioned, and since my colleagues were mostly supportive in spite of their difficulties in wrapping their brains around my genderqueer identity, I simply replied “Thank you” and left it at that. I didn’t point out that they were the ones who needed to read the “how to respect” and 101 articles. I just didn’t feel like getting into it. And it’s not that they were disrespectful, it’s that they were SO afraid to just come out and ask me questions in spite of all my reassurances that they could, so long as it didn’t concern my genitals.

The only time I reacted a bit differently, and it was just for fun, was when I met up with a co-worker for coffee. He handed over a magazine that his sister in law had given him to give to me because “she thought I’d be interested in this.” Right away, I spotted a headline for an article about an MTF reporter somewhere in the states and how she transitioned on the job. Yet, I looked at him quizzically and asked why she thought I’d be interested in a magazine about the business world. Anyone who knows me should indeed know better. He opened the magazine to the “appropriate page” with an incredulous look and that was that. He didn’t even get that I was screwing with him.

Oh well. I think I’ll start reciprocating and send all my hetero friends from work clippings from advice columns that specifically refer to heterosexual arrangements and say: “I thought this might interest you” and to all my cis friends from work (which would be all of them) clippings from magazines catering to their specific gender and say: “I thought this might interest you.”

Hey, it’s all in good fun. Cause sometimes, ya just gotta laugh.

Blast from the past II: Dating site rant

22 12 2009

All this talk of dating has made me want to transfer another blast from the past over to this blog from my other blog that is on it’s way to cyber oblivion. I first wrote this as a note on Facebook in December 2007. I was still living as female but I had just decided to transition. So my experience of dating sites up until then had all been as female. Enjoy!

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Men’s Washrooms

24 03 2009

As soon as I started to be consistently read as male and started to see that my presense in the women’s room made women seem uncomfortable, I ventured into the men’s washrooms. I haven’t found it particularly stressful. I don’t worry too much about whether other guys can see that I’m sitting to pee by the way my feet are pointing. I figure that even if they did notice, what guy in his right mind would call me on it?

It’s only stressful in two ways. One is when I’m with my son. He knows that he’s supposed to call me Jacky instead of Mommy in the men’s room. I’ve explained to him that some people might get mad if they heard him call me Mommy because it would make them think I’m a girl. But sometimes he slips.

The other stressful thing is when all the stalls are taken. Since I have to sit to pee, urinals are not an option. Men’s washroom etiquette seems to dictate that you don’t wait for a stall. The one time I stood and waited I got tons of weird looks. So I leave and come back. But when you really really have to pee that can be pretty stressful.

I haven’t practiced peeing with my Stand To Pee device very much. I should because I’m starting to see the practical applications  of learning to pee standing up. It’s not that I attach that much value to it as such but being dependent on there being a free stall when there are sometimes only one or two compared to four or five in women’s rooms (as was the case in this particular mall) can be quite the stress. Not to mention that when men use the stalls they take forever. What, do they carry newspapers with them  everywhere?? 😀

Miscellaneous fun stuff

12 03 2009

Miscellaneous things that make me chuckle:

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Jacky like [sic] it big?

26 06 2008

OK, so like many bloggers here at WP, I’m always interested in seeing how people wound up on my blog. Someone actually found this blog by typing in: “Jacky like [sic] it big.”

So now I’m curious as hell. What does Jacky like big? Fish? Lies? Videotape? What?!?!?!?!?!

On a related note, I’m honoured that someone found my other blog by searching for “dyke toolbelt bikini.”  OK, so the bikini part puzzles me a bit but, yeah, dykes and toolbelts totally sound like words I would use together in a sentence.

Killing time while waiting for T

4 06 2008

Note: I started to write this on Wednesday, May 26 and am only getting back to it now. I’ve been a lazy, lazy boy. However, re-reading myself and completing the entry brings back the feelings that I felt two weeks ago . . . I don’t think I can ever forget that.


As regular readers may have noticed, I rarely write the sort of post where I actually describe what I did on a particular day. However, today is worth describing. I was a nervous wreck for most of the day as I waited for my 1:20 PM appointment with my endocrinologist. It was my second appointment with him and he would have access to the results of my blood tests.

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Gender Changers

22 03 2008

HA! Gender Outlaw just made my day.