Attention Kinksters!

8 12 2009

Anyone who is on Fetlife should check out the site if they haven’t lately. I was just alerted to a mega-contest they are having. There are a bunch of kinky prizes and you get to pick your top three. If you plug the contest, they enter your name again, which is why I’m pimping it here ; )

50th post!

12 11 2008

I know most “milestone” posts happen at the 100th post but . . . I go through long periods of inactivity so that might take a whole other year. So here’s to 50 posts! (and two drafts!!! and a list of at least 5-6 posts-to-be!)

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed blogging here. I feel like starting a WP blog connected me to a really cool and supportive trans and queer community, something that I never found on LJ when I first started over there about a year ago. Instead of hurtful comments and silly, immature arguments about who has the right to call themselves FTM (like on LJ), I found a diverse group of trans and queer folk of all stripes who support each other and discover new ideas through dialogue.

So, here are some stats to mark the 50th:

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Under construction

26 01 2008

Please come back later. Wonky things happened during transfer of writings from old blogs . . .crazy weird font shit. I’ll try to fix it soon.