Blast from the past I – An intermittent obsession

10 12 2009

I’m beginning to transfer blog posts from my other more “general” blog over to here so that I can close down Jacky’s Place. This post was actually first written on my first blog ever on Friendster. I transferred it to Jacky’s Place, and now I’m transferring it here with the hopes that it will find a permanent home. I was still identifying as female when I wrote this, which explains some of my comments on heterosexuality in reference to attraction to men. I thought this would be appropriate to bring over hot on the heels of the post where I described last’s year’s identity crisis about my sexual orientation 😀

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An Intermittent Obsession

26 01 2008
(Originally written February 23, 2006 on my old blog).  

OK. This is a bit teenager-ish I admit, but I have this intermittent obsession with Oliver Reed. I haven’t even seen half the films he’s been in: only a handfull, actually. And he didn’t exactly age well. But man, was he ever hot in his 30s! Check out his version of Bill Sikes in Oliver! and you will know what I mean (provided, of course, you are into mean-looking bearded guys like I am .  . .drool drool drool). He was also pretty hot in The Devils and in Hannibal Brooks. He was OK looking in parts of Tommy (one of my favourite movies EVER – I will probably blog about The Who’s Tommy at some point but I will have to have a free day to do that because it will be long). Most of you probably know him from Gladiator. He played the guy who trained the gladiators. He actually died during the production of the film *sniff*.

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