Research on causes for FTM Transsexuality

30 07 2008

I’m always a little wary of research that seeks to locate a unique cause for any kind of human phenomenon. People are complex and, as a social scientist myself, I see that most of what we do has multiple causes. Therefore, while I’m not entirely opposed to research that looks for biological components of sexual identity, I’m always worried about the tendancy for reductionism.

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Music Challenge

23 07 2008

OK, I’ll play. It’s kinda fun. I was challenged by Punk Fairy to list my five current favourite songs. It’s hard to narrow it down to 5 so I’ll just list 5 songs that I’ve had in my head a lot lately and why.

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New Hair!

20 07 2008

OK, so I just noticed that I have a line of fine hairs growing on my belly, starting about 2 inches below my sternum and reaching all the way down to my belly button. The line of hair that already existed between my belly button and my pubic hair is a tad thicker than it was. Seeing this, I got curious about my chest. I took a careful look and, lo and behold, there are a few fine hairs *just* starting to grow smack in the middle of my chest. Woohoo! This testosterone stuff works wonders!

Thoughts on Menstruation

20 07 2008

On June 6, the day before my transition party, I began my first post-testosterone period. I found it very ironic that I should be on the rag for a party celebrating my transition from female-to-male. I figured I would have 1-2 more periods after that. About two weeks ago, I started the familiar PMS. First, I had a sore throat (I know, weird, but that’s been going on for about a year.) Then cramping and vaginal dryness (TMI?). Then moodiness. But then . . . no period! I’m still waiting with baited breath in case it’s just late. But it’s quite possible that my first post-T period was my last. Time will tell.

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Temporary Hiatus

19 07 2008

I just realised I haven’t posted anything in nearly a month. I’m on vacation for the summer and have been feeling extra lazy when it comes to writing. I will soon be starting a PhD and I will be spending so much time writing that I guess I needed a little break. I also don’t tend to spend too much time in front of the PC in the summer, preferring to be outdoors playing with my little guy and reading fiction.

I have a few thoughtful posts in mind on issues ranging from feminism to drag. In the meantime, here are a few updates:

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