Transgender Day of Remembrance 2008

20 11 2008



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20 11 2008

we can never forget, and the onus is on us – to continue to fight for equality – and unity within the entire lgbT community. This has been a tremendous yr. We are in for state by state struggles. In honor of those people who have passed i re commit myself to continue to do any and every small bit of activism i can do –

yours in solidarity – proud progressive TG

20 11 2008
Blacked out for Transgender Day of Remembrance « Gender Outlaw

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20 11 2008

People please do not be fooled by the Homosexual rights Corp. (hrc) they are not the friends of the Transgendered and Monica Roberts among other very informed bloggers are still on the watch as am i and other lesser bloggers – about the true nature of the HRC –

so please support the NCTE, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. If you read the post i linked you will see , comments from Ethan and others. But the battle continues to get more than used and abused by the hrc. – don’t let the elitists fool you – they do precious little for us little people and we do have other alturnatives.

ENDA – no i will never forget, the apologies are meaningless as their actions speak louder than words..they are money driven.

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