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18 03 2010

Thought this could be of interest to any Vancouver area readers. This is copies from their Facebook page:

Our names are Corey Keith and Kate Lamothe. We are a working subcommittee of the local feminist potluck and activism circle the Femininjas. We are a Feminist organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of trans people, people living in poverty, queers, sex workers, and other marginalized peoples.

One of the projects we are currently working on is a community forum/conference (tent. date July 16-18) by and for members of various trans communities. As organizers of this free, community-centred event it is our collective vision that we bring together members of diverse trans communities, both individuals and service providers, to establish a cohesive vision of what the specific needs of our trans communities are at this exact moment in time, through a focus on health and coalition building. We see this is an opportunity for the communities of trans people, their allies and the health professionals that work with them to create community, hear needs and concerns of the communities, and to share the skills and knowledge that we all have.

While this community forum seeks to centre trans people, The Greater Vancouver Trans Forum organizing committee recognizes that for most trans people, “trans” is only one aspect of their day-to-day world. The Greater Vancouver Trans Forum also understands that many trans folk belong to numerous marginalized communities simultaneously. Thus, The Greater Vancouver Trans Forum encourages volunteer applications, workshop submissions, and feedback from trans people of colour, indigenous trans folk & two-spirit folk, trans people who work in the sex trade, sero-positive trans people, non-binary ided/genderqueer trans people, trans people living with disabilities, fat trans folk, trans people who have been incarcerated, poor trans people, and many other trans folk that experience intersecting forms of oppression.

At present we are looking for volunteers and leaders to help out with 6 sub committees:

Fundraising, Food prep., Dance/Welcoming/Check in, Forum Logistics (seeking for presenters and organizing the presentation schedule), and Advertising/ Promotion.

Here are the breakdown of what we need. Please if you think you have something to offer that is not included in the list please contact us for more information.

Fundraising Committee:

We need volunteers or leaders who:

· Aware of funds that are available

· Can write funding proposals

· Have event planning experience

· Who are capable of volunteer general stuff, picking up supplies ect

· Knows of locations or ideas for fundraising events

Food Committee:

We need volunteers or leaders who:

· Have food safety

· Experience cooking for large amounts of people

· Experience cooking vegan, allergy free, gluten free, ect

· Have knowledge of places of places that can donate or have low cost food

· Who just want help with food prep

Dance/ Welcoming/ Check in:

We need volunteers or leaders who:

· Have Planning dances or event experience.

· Have an outgoing personality

· Who have creative ideas including for ice breaker activities

Forum Logistics:

We need volunteers or leaders who:

· Who have knowledge of community organizations

· Who has knowledge of conference presentations and what is needed

· Who has organization skills

Advertising/ Promotion Committee:

We need volunteers or leaders who:

· Are artists

· Promo experience

· Have radio experience

· Have knowledge of local media

I hope that you feel you are able to contribute your time and ideas to this great cause. If so please contact Corey and Kate at

The next forum planning meeting is happening this Saturday, March 21st from 1pm to to 3pm @ Spartacus books (684 E. Hastings).

Spartacus Books accessibility info:

Spartacus books is on the ground level and the space is all on one level. Spartacus’ front door, as well it’s bathroom are both 800mm (31.5 inches wide) when the door is fully open. The bathroom is large enough to accommodate two (or more) people + a wheelchair. There is a bar immediately to the left of the toilet, as well as directly behind it. Please let us know if there is any other way we can make the space more accessible/comfy for you.

We look forward to hearing from folks about this venture!


Corey Keith & Kate Lamothe




2 responses

19 03 2010
Shirley Anne

They sound like nice people given that they are part of a feminist organisation. The usual crap associated with feminist groups isn’t apparent here is it? I admire groups of people and individuals who take on board issues concerning minority groups. Makes a change.

Shirley Anne xxx

20 03 2010
Jacky V.

Hi Shirley Anne;

Yes, I agree. I like groups that take account of all different kinds of diversity within a struggle against oppression.

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