Jacky like [sic] it big?

26 06 2008

OK, so like many bloggers here at WP, I’m always interested in seeing how people wound up on my blog. Someone actually found this blog by typing in: “Jacky like [sic] it big.”

So now I’m curious as hell. What does Jacky like big? Fish? Lies? Videotape? What?!?!?!?!?!

On a related note, I’m honoured that someone found my other blog by searching for “dyke toolbelt bikini.”  OK, so the bikini part puzzles me a bit but, yeah, dykes and toolbelts totally sound like words I would use together in a sentence.



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26 06 2008

Mm.. dykes and toolbelts! ;p

I think Jacky likes big blogs! ^_^

People find my blog by typing in “my neighbour psycho”, “its not my fault dead” and sweet stuff like “is my sissy son gay?”. 😀 A friend found out that people found his blog typing in “my sperm smells bad”. Funny! 😀

26 06 2008
Jacky V.

Sperm smells bad? Wow. I shake my head sometimes and wonder why certain phrases lead to my blog in the first place.

But most of them make sense. I get a lot of “FTM transition”, “tomboy FTM” and “testosterone effects.” I think the most common one I’ve seen is “tboy”. I’ve tried a few of the phrases I’ve seen on google and in a few cases, it took several pages of hits before I found a link to my blog.

26 06 2008

You’re lucky. 😀 I think people only find my blogs when typing in weird stuff because I wrote two posts about personality disorder (borderline and anti social).

26 06 2008
Jacky V.

LOL. Well, from comments that I read on your blog, it sounds like there are people who found your blog who really connect with what you have to say so that’s awesome!

27 06 2008

Yeah, fortunately, the people who post anything are awesome. 😛
I would seriously be freaked out if someone who find my blog typing in WEIRD stuff wrote anything.

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