Blasts from the past series

28 12 2010

Although the original idea for having two blogs (this one and Jacky’s Place) was to have all the transition stuff here and everything else over there, after a while, like many trans people, I realised that I can’t neatly divide myself that way. I am a whole person. So a few months back, I started transferring posts from my older blog, Jacky’s Place. The idea was to have a gradual flow and also to have the older posts from the old blog get highlighted here upon their arrival, as they would be placed in a more recent position. The enthusiasm wore off and I just decided to do a full import of the old blog. Since my last post over there was in June 2008, and since the imported posts just get merged, time-wise, anyone wanting to read what I wrote on diverse topics would have to go back through the old stuff before that date. I don’t assume that anyone’s that big of a Jacky fan (except for that one stalker . . . you know who you are ; )so I went through and put them all in the category: “Blast from the past series.” So if you’re curious about what was going on in the mind of pre-transition Jacky, you’re welcome to check it out. Most of it is not gender related. Remember though that most of the posts were written by Nancy, the pre-transition me so don’t be too confused about female self-references! And of course, all of us change so it’s quite possible that I no longer completely agree with myself on all the finer points and nuances I previously made.

In the end, I do still have two blogs. I’ve deleted Jacky’s Place but I now also have Anthro Jack. This case is a bit different since I use this blog to spread awareness in my host community of the anthropological fieldwork that I’m doing. It’s a link that I give out freely to colleauges, students and blood family and it will also eventually contain information about professional presentations that I do. So these two blogs are much more different in intent and character than Tboy Jacky and Jacky’s Place ever were.




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1 01 2011
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