Sore throat after testosterone

14 12 2009

Looking at my blog stats, I see that about every week or so, people find this blog after running a search online for “FTM sore throat” or “sore through testosterone” or other similar variations. Since I remember not finding much information out there on this topic back when this was a concern for me, I figured I’d clarify my experience here.

I started T on May 26, 2008. Less than 2 weeks later, I had this very strange sensation in my throat. It wasn’t sore in the same way that it is before or during a cold, or after the first day back teaching when one has spent a summer not talking and projecting so much. It wasn’t really painful as such, just this kind of  . . . almost stretching sensation. I looked around and hardly found anything online about it. I asked my bio male friends if they had gone through this at adolescence but none of them recalled anything similar. I figured that it was the physical change to my vocal chords that I was experiencing. Soon thereafter, my voice took on a subtle huskiness and I often felt like I needed to clear my throat. When I discussed it here, a couple of brothers chimed in and shared their experience. In my case, it only lasted a few of months then my voice started to staiblise.

So, if you found this blog looking for info, I can’t give you any scientific explanation for it but I CAN reassure you that you’re not alone and, from comments I’ve had and the quantity of people who type that kind of search, it seems pretty much like stadard procedure. Best of luck to all my bros, old and new.



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14 12 2009

From the transition videos and audio posts I’ve seen/heard, it seems like trans guys’ voices drop faster than teenage cis boys’ — in a matter of months rather than years. Might that have something to do with it? I’d imagine that slower changes would be too subtle to feel. Plus, I think trans men pay more attention to the “symptoms” of testosterone than cis teens, and would be quicker to attribute any changes to T.

It’s very kind of you to post this kind of information, especially when it’s hard to find elsewhere. I know it’ll help me in the (hopefully near) future. Thanks!

15 12 2009
Shirley Anne

Must say I had never heard of this either but then I wasn’t searching! It sounds a reasonable suggestion, to me at any rate, that T is responsible and as has been mentioned it is probably a faster process due to the ‘higher’ levels (?) of T being taken compared to those naturally occurring in an adolescent male. Perhaps I am wrong though. Does anyone know? Love

Shirley Anne xxx

17 12 2009

Yep, totally had that myself. And my voice deepened very quickly and, frankly, very deeply! It felt like it was almost a sore throat from talking too much, not from being sick. Only lasted a few weeks, and then my voice just kept changing pitch every week or so. It’s leveled off now after 5 months, but is still subtly changing to be huskier.

17 12 2009
Jacky V.

Genderkid and Shirley Anne: Yeah, I imagine it must have something to do with the higher levels that we inject or otherwise take in as opposed to the naturally occuring testo that is produced (gradually??) in those born into male bodies.

Malcolm: Thanks for sharing your experience as well.

18 12 2009

I suffered throat pain and vocal exhaustion at certain points so far on T. I saw an ontolaryngologist and he saw that my vocal folds were quite swollen. He attributed this to testosterone. I’m writing an article for right now on testosterone and singing, and one of the recommendations is to start on a lose dose of T because fast changes are not good for the larynx. The effects of T on a bio-male teen’s voice are bad enough, but they are aggravated in trans men due in part to the relative speed of changes (compared to a bio-male teen.)

20 12 2009
Jacky V.

Yeah, that makes sense. Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with your vocal folds! My dose hasn’t changed at all since I started T, partly because the changes have been satisfactory and partly because my endo is worried about my red (?) blood cells. I’m wondering whether he will even lower my dose after my hysto. If not, it may be that I go through another series of fast changes.

12 04 2010

I’ve just started T March 25 (2010) and just woke up yesterday with that sore “ah crap I’m gonna have a cold tomorrow” kind of feeling in my throat. But then I woke up today and it felt different, I still went and took medicine for it,, even used some mouthwash hoping it would ease it as usual, but to my surprise this burned more than usual. Granted it wasn’t painful, just enough odd burning to be noticeable. It’s there with regular drinks as well. Also as the day progresses my voice is becoming more hoarse and it feels a bit different from the sore throat due to a cold feeling.

Just adding to this for whoever else runs across this. It may or may not be a cold, but it definitely feels distinguishable different than one.

15 04 2010
Jacky V.

Thanks for sharing your experience Wesley!

14 03 2015

I started a few days ago. Pretty soon after my shot I had to clear my throat often. The next day it was itchy around my voice box (not my lymph nods). Also unlike being ill I had a burning feeling while drinking Gatorade. Tea usual helps my throat for about 30 minutes when I’m sick and it’s only helping WHILE I drink it currently. The bubbly feeling of soda is pretty nice (I don’t normally drink soda) but also short lasting. I need to stock up on cough drops.
It’s starting to weird me out though because my sinuses are clogging up.

6 05 2010

Totally happening to me right now… been on T 6 weeks and I got this sore throat like a week ago. I decided to look it up and I’m glad to find that others have gone through this. It just feels like I’ve been talking to much, not like a cold so I can relate. Thanks for this blog!


11 05 2010
Jacky V.

Thanks for dropping by Jack! Hope you’re enjoying the T : )

5 09 2010

My thought is it is due to the thickening of the vocal chords… dealing with this now and its quite unpleasant!

5 09 2010
Jacky V.

Makes sense! Yeah, it’s unpleasant but it’ll be over soon! Good luck and thanks for writing.

30 09 2010

I tend to think this might happen. since it is hormonal chances of affecting your throat(voice) might be there to some people though not all. This is an interesting post and it was good of you to share with us.

30 09 2010
Jacky V.

Thanks for reading and dropping a note!

11 03 2011

i am on sustanon cycle,250mg/week.after 3 week i got same problem. hope it will go soon

16 03 2011
Jacky V.

Hopefully! It’s been a while for me now, that was back in 2008 but I seem to remember it lasted a few fews or so.

2 04 2011
Logan Michael

I just found this post after a google search for sore throats from testosterone, thank you very much for this! I just started taking testosterone (3 days ago), and the night of day one I got a sore throat for a bit, thought I would have an awful one in the morning, but when morning came my voice actually felt and sounded noticeably huskier. That only lasted the morning, then as I spoke more throughout the day it lessened, but it was nice.

Today I got another one on the afternoon. I figured it was something T related, but I was unsure. Knowing that it is common and an effect actually makes me feel very relieved and happy to be experiencing that, because I know that the shot is working. It’s not so bad of a sore throat that it’s a major inconvenience, and if it means that the shot is working and my voice will start to change, i’ll take it!

2 04 2011
Jacky V.

Hey : ) Glad you found it handy! I remember the feeling and not being able to find much information on it. Then when I posted about it, lots of people came forward and said they experienced the same thing. Hard to believe how fast it acts, isn’t it?!?! Very exciting. Congrats on your transition!

17 10 2011
Orion Keyser

I’m on a controlled Natural Transition regimen (my doctor’s keeping an eye on me). I woke up with this same feeling today. I do vocal exercises (which could also be part of it), so my voice isn’t getting raspy, but I’m finding it a lot easier to keep it in the male vocal range.

18 10 2012

I’m so relieved to read this. I started getting a sore throat after my second injection of T. It lasted two weeks, then I got a really bad sinus infection. I thought the sore throat was me getting sick, but then after having the infection for a month (it was really, really bad), I’m noticing the sore throat again. I was afraid I was getting sick again, but this has me hopeful that it’s just the T and it will go away soon!

24 08 2013
Luís Jose

I got my first shot (1/2 ml 200mg, in my bicep) just four days ago. Day two I felt like I just had to keep clearing my throat, like I would go to talk and would have to *ahem* before I could speak. My first thought was that it was the T but then I thought, “no way I could feel the effects so fast!” I thought my voice wouldn’t drop for months! Then again, being a smaller guy (5’1, 110lbs) my changes might happen quicker? I don’t know. Right now I’m in bed trying to sleep but my throat feels so dry it woke me up. I searched for “im testosterone throat” and I’m so happy to have found this. Thanks for posting and allowing me to share my experience as well. 🙂

16 05 2014
Ecoshap Amon

On Virigen Undercoat Testocaps for one week. Have a hormone therapy going on. After one week, I have this flu feeling, a sore throat and my voice is damn changing. More huskiness and hoarseness…
Glad to know, more people are affected.

23 08 2014
Shane Corey

same problems. Gotta clear my throat constantly not sore but more so wicked dry and horse. Also working at a job where I talk 98% of my day does not make it better. Keep a couple mints in your pocket or cough drops makes it easier. Best of luck to all you guys also great to know other people are experiencing the same issues.

24 08 2014
Jacky V.

Thanks for sharing! I haven’t had this problem in 6 years but hopefully people who are still finding this page can benefit from this tip, Shane!

23 03 2015
Jack C

I was on Androgen for a month then had my first shot a week ago, a couple of days after the shot, I had this irritation in my throat and my voice dropped like I was coming down with a cold. However, the pass couple of days, I was burning up at night too… other than the sore throat and cough, my sinus feels fine so I’m not sure if it’s T or if i’m really sick…

3 04 2015

I am glad I came across this. I have been on T therapy a little over 2 months. I have the odd feeling on throat and also noticing deeper voice. I have not had my vocal cords checked out but I did have a sinus infection a month ago or so. I am also having trouble sleeping because I have this sensation I am choking during the night or snoring bad or something. I wonder if it might be because my vocal cords are swelled up? Anyone else experience this at night? How long will this sore throat feeling last?

1 09 2016

Im choking in my sleep as well. This is my second night on T And im up at 5am from choking in my sleep.

How long will this last?

13 05 2015

Thanks for the post. I started a low dose of the gel a month ago and almost straight away thought that I was coming down with a sore throat. My throat has been sore now for the past month now and I find myself clearing it a fair bit. I really didn’t expect anything to happen so quickly, especially given the dose I’m on. It’ll be great to have a naturally lower voice without trying though.

15 01 2016

My throat feels scratchy and I had my first injection of T Jan 12th and it is now the 15th. Not sure if it is because I quit smoking a couple weeks ago or because of the testosterone. I recall watching a youtube video where another guy had said when he upped his dose his throat was kinda scratchy and felt like he needed to clear it.

15 01 2016
Jacky V.

Yeah apparently it’s a pretty common thing. In your case it could be a combination I guess….

27 12 2019
Alec Thorin Rolfe

I’ve been on it for almost 2 months now….
And far out I didn’t expect it, my throat is scratchy and feels like it needs to be cleared. But I’m not sick?
So I finally found this hahahaha

27 12 2019

One would think they would warn people about this after all this time people have been experiencing this. My post is 10 years old and so many people have chimed in, relating to it.

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