Teensy weensy update

16 11 2009

I have a good excuse for not blogging lately! I’m in the middle of working on my comprehensive exams. So there. This fall is pretty crazy for this doctoral student. I have to get my comps done before mid-December because my thesis supervisor is off on sabattical for the winter semester. Since I’m planning to start my field research in Northern Québec in July, this means I have to get it comps and proposal done before she takes off.

On top of all that, the fall is typically funding application madness so I had a bunch of letters to write to various agencies to convince them of why they should fund my PhD studies and research.

And because that’s not enough, my name change FINALLY came through at the end of September. I sent all my stuff in January and most of the trans people I know around here get their change of name certificate about 2-3 months later. But because I was changing my last name, it took longer. I had hoped to get it in the summer when I would have time to do all the running around to get my name changed on all my documents but NO, they had to send it right in my crazy busy period. *sigh*

It’s all done now though, pretty much. Still waiting for a couple of credit cards with my new name but since they are all maxed out, it’s no big deal. haha. But my driver’s licence, health insurance card, student ID, etc is all in my new name. At last.

Anyway, ta ta till mid-December or so.

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4 responses

17 11 2009
Shirley Anne

I am so pleased for you that you’ve finally got the name thing sorted and all your papers accordingly. That will save some headaches in the future won’t it? LOL. After reading one of your last posts about the things you are planning to do in the future, let alone your present studies and plans for next year I wasn’t surprised to notice the lack of posts lately. You cannot do everything at once and you are being sensible in concentrating on your studies for the time being. I must say I don’t envy your trip and stay in northern Quebec if you’ll be staying for a long time. It must get really cold up there in the Autumn. Forgive me for not remembering but what subject are you majoring in? What studies will you be undertaking in July?

Shirley Anne x

17 11 2009

Congrats on the name change! I can’t wait to get mine done. It’ll be like flicking an old scab off and finding clean new skin underneath.

23 11 2009

I had to read the date on this post twice: you sent in your name change application in JANUARY and just got it back in NOVEMBER?! That’s insanely long. Your file must have gotten lost or something. Both my BC name change and Quebec birth certificate were completed in less than a month from when I sent in the applications. In any case, HURRAY! Glad you got that paper pushing task done. I still have to contact the credit bureaus. Apparently, updating your info with the banks/credit cards doesn’t update your credit history account.

23 11 2009
Jacky V.

Shirley Anne: I love the north and I love the cold so it’s not a problem for me. I’m doing anthropological fieldwork in a Native Canadian village.

Jacky: I hear you. Although I did keep Nancy as a middle name for emotional reasons. And because I’m still a Nancy Boy!

G.O.: Yeah, well, as I mentioned, I changed my last name as well and they kept nagging me for additional justification on that. Then, many months later, they asked me for the originals of the letters from my endo and psychologist so I grudingly sent them in with a note that I wanted my originals back. The fuckers still haven’t sent them. Grrrr.

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