Stubble! And sideburns!

14 04 2009

The last time I shaved all my facial hair off was in August 2008. Since it took about 3 weeks for it to grow back to a respectable (by my definition) length, I avoided shaving again. I got a trimmer nad have kept it trimmed, and only shaved the hair that grew higher up on my cheeks. I mean, not even a year on T and I have facial hair 2/3 of the way up to my eyes!! Haha. But that part that I would shave had been taking a while to grow back too.

So last Sunday morning, I shaved off those two small sections again and trimmed the rest, except for the sideburns. Two really cool things happened as a result:

  1. I now have visible sideburns and have noticed that the hair there is getting more rigid and less fuzzy, like real man hair.
  2. A day later, the hair that I had shaved off was already starting to grow back! Three days later, I feel the stubble and I can see the darkness underneath the skin where the hairs are starting to poke through.

sigh (Happy sigh, that is.)

Jacky hearts facial hair.



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14 04 2009

Great news! I don’t like shaving everything off at once and only shave in sections now. I’m stubbly rather quickly, but still too uneven to consider it a true beard. But it’s coming more and more!

Aiming for any particular style?

15 04 2009
Jacky V.

Yeah, I’m aiming for . . .I don’t remember what it was called in that link you had posted a few months back . . . it’s what I used to think was called a goatee but that page said differently. Kind of a combo of chinstrap and goatee, I guess, with a mustache that reaches down to the hair on the chin, and then that extends up to my sideburns. All I would remove would be part of the hair on my cheeks, since it looks like it’s going to wind up covering about 2/3 of my face if I let it go wild!

15 04 2009
Shirley Anne

It’s a good job you’re a guy Jacky. Facial hair freaks me out! LOL I am almost free of it now but have a twenty minute session each week to get the stubborn ones (mainly on my neck).

Shirley Anne x

15 04 2009
Jacky V.

: ) I’ve always loved it, maybe because my dad had a beard a lot of the time. I love the feel of it, on me or on others. *sigh*

When I see heavily bearded men, I feel a combination of lust and jealousy. It’s a weird feeling.

15 04 2009

Ooh! Thats so cool.

Some of the guys that started T around the same time (or even AFTER) me here in Canberra have FANTASTIC beards.

My beard consists of only two dark hairs. The rest are still too fair to be seen.

I suspect that my beard will be a long time coming, with it being blond and all. Alas!

15 04 2009
Jacky V.

Ah well. You’re still a cutie : )

16 04 2009

You know whats really funny about my ‘beard’ of two hairs?

My mother and grandmother both have two long dark hairs in exactly the same location on their chin. I remember marvelling at them as a child, and wondering if I would ever develop the same pair of hairs.


21 04 2009

I’ve been having very mild doubts about starting T, lol and then this made me remember “Oh ya, beards. Heck yes!”

4 05 2009
Jacky V.

Sui: It is quite the incentive, isn’t it? I can certainly understand doubts. I had them too. One day, they just kind of . . .not went away but became less daunting.

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