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12 03 2009

Miscellaneous things that make me chuckle:

  • Going to a kinky party as male and recognising 2 guys that I had a MMF threesome with back when I was living as female. Imagining their reaction if I were to go up to them and introduce myself.
  • Imagining what it would be like to bring a woman home who did not know that I was trans (not that it would ever happen – I want to know where people stand on this before I even date them) and see the look on her face when she saw pictures of me from my past all over the place.
  • Getting little tidbits of advice from older men at work, some of whom seem to like having a little brother type that they can pass on their wisdom to.
  • Going out with my girlfriend and my son in public with the knowledge the people probably see us as a typical hetero and gender normative couple out with our son. Meanwhile, *I’m* the mom and she has a primary partner that she lives with. Which leads to:
  • Going out with my girlfriend, my son AND my girlfriend’s primary partner, who incidentally has become an important friend to me, with the knowledge that people thing that he’s either my dad or hers (because he’s substantially older than both of us). Which leads to:
  • Imagining the short circuits in their brain when THEY kiss each other, especially if they’ve seen her and I kiss already.
  • Knowing that people at work think they know all about my sex life because I’m open about being bisexual, kinky and non-monogamous but knowing that some of them would shit bricks if they knew about some of my kinks that are quite a bit more . . . macabre, from their potential point of view . . .than the whips and chains that they imagine kink to be. Not that I have a problem with whips and chains, of course.
  • Knowing that, if I go into politics someday, no one can blackmail me by saying that they will make my transsexuality, my bisexuality, my non-monogamy or my kinkiness public because I’m not ashamed of any of these things. Now if they threaten to tell about how much I enjoy the sound my PC makes when I stick in my USB key, I’m screwed!
  • Imagining the look on a gay male’s face if we wound up in bed without his prior knowledge that I don’t have a flesh penis. Reverse Crying Game anyone? I wouldn’t do that, of course, for the same reason that I wouldn’t date someone without knowing where they stand on me being trans AND because I care about my lifespan. However, it is *FUNNY* to imaging the look!
  • Wondering how many people in the audience get that I’m in drag when I’m portraying a butch lesbian on stage.
  • Pondering the possibility to write a modern-day book of manners because I’m so sick of people’s rudeness in the city, and thinking about how it would be ironic for such a book to be written by a kinky, bisexual, cross-dressing, stripping transsexual who occasionally smokes dope and has an alcoholic past.  I don’t see a contradiction but, according to the moral majority in some parts, I’m a child of sin  and yet I’m much more concerned with social justice and harmonious social relations than many people who would look down on me for my depravity. So, that, my friends, will be my coup de grace!



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12 03 2009

Getting little tidbits of advice from older men at work, some of whom seem to like having a little brother type that they can pass on their wisdom to.

I’m a bit too young to be the ‘little brother’… I get ‘son’ advice. I think that straight girls miss out on mentoring stuff, a lot. I might have just not picked up on any mentoring older people attempted to provide when I was apparently a straight girl, but I have always noticed that older lesbians were always keen to mentor me if they thought I was a dyke, and now older men are always keen to provide me with advice and guidance regarding my career and my relationships.

One elderly Indian gentleman who’s computer I fixed commented that whichever girl I took as a wife would be lucky because I know the ‘pains of being pretty’. I looked puzzled, and he pointed to my facial piercing, and said that as an added bonus I would also know where to buy her pretty presents. 🙂 I was amused by that. He obviously read me as very effeminate, but it still didn’t occur to him that I might be queer or something!

13 03 2009

It’s interesting. My colleagues started giving me “little brother” advice (as did my massage therapist who knew me way prior to the word transition appeared in my head) before I began medically transitioning (e.g., how to tie a tie, how to smoke a cigar, etc.).

And you know, it makes the cisgendered community feel more at home because now they are part of the process rather than outside of it. Makes me wonder how much more this removes the barriers of hate against trans-individuals or whether this is purely an FTM phenomenon. I would imagine the transgirls get advice from their cis-gendered sisters as well, no?

13 03 2009

My friends –who are my same age– started giving me advice, too, but I don’t know how serious they are about it: “You have to play soccer video games now!”

13 03 2009
Shirley Anne

Never happened to me, I had to find out things for myself! Could be my age though. As for the humerous thoughts, yes I bet you’d have a right giggle watching the reactions of people. For most people anything out of ‘their ordinary’ has to be a novelty but how they react to it varies from person to person ranging from indignation through to complete nonchalance. Some would probably think you were only doing it for a laugh! Have fun……..

Shirley Anne x

13 03 2009
Trans Mentoring by Cis-Gendered “Big Brothers/Big Sisters” @ A Life about Transition

[…] was reading Jacky’s blog today and a bit of an epiphany (??) struck me (well, something like that). I’ve heard, and […]

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