Jacky will be on the Radio

24 11 2008

I’m going to be on the radio on Wednesday from 4:00 – 6:00 PM. The show is called Homerun and I will be the weekly houseguest. The idea is that the host will use biographical information about me as a springboard to talk about issues that may be relevant to their audience. Themes they are interested in addressing are transsexuality, teaching anthropology, raising an autistic child in Montreal and performing drag.

The show starts at 3:30 but I will be on as of 4:00 for the duration of the show. Basically, the host and I chat in between their usual programming (music, traffic, weather, etc). I even get to pick some of the songs!! You can hear it live 88.5 FM in Montreal, and 104.7 FM in the West Island. You can also listen online at cbc.ca/homerun.




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24 11 2008

Oh, I wonder if I’ll be able to listen.
Would be fun to hear you.

24 11 2008

Right on! Post-it affixed to desk!

24 11 2008
Jacky V.

Thanks for the support guys! Apparently, I will be on for 4 X 10 minute segments throughout the show. It won’t ALL be on trans stuff though.

26 11 2008

I had a business call go long, so I didn’t tune in until the Piaf tune. I guess I missed two segments then, but the two I did hear were great! You were very well-spoken and sounded totally relaxed. Neat to hear your voice!! And I dug the Led Zep and Maiden picks (but boo for the talking over the guitar solo!) Great job, Jacky!!

27 11 2008
Jillian Page

Nicely done, Jacky. You were very articulate. I dug the Zep song, too, but wasn’t surprised that the conservative CBC didn’t play it all. I don’t imagine the CBC plays much Zep.


27 11 2008
Jacky V.

Gender Outlaw: Well, the first segment that you missed were on growing up in Fishkill, NY, going to a Catholic school and realising that I was “different”. The second one was on my “transition” from a hard science path (astrophysics) to a career in anthropology, and my time spent in James Bay with the Eeyou (Cree). Thanks for listening! Yeah, it was hard to pick which Maiden song to play!!! The Led Zep song was, in fact, for Jillian!

Jillian: Thanks! The people who run this show are far from conservative actually. They’re actually super cool and it was great to see the internal workings of a radio show. Very exciting! Nathalie, the one who runs the show, was really into all the music I picked, especially the rock stuff. If they cut it short, as they did with some of the others too, it was because we needed to keep up with everything, I think. Especially toward the end, there was some last-minute info coming in on the St-Laurent garage thing, etc. Bernard didn’t even get a chance to ask me why I picked the Led Zep, otherwise, I was planning to say that it was dedicated to my t-sister Jillian Page at the Gazette! Oh well! Also, I had asked for a different Led Zep tune. The one that goes: “Oh. . . oh, oh, oh . . . .oh, ohhhhhh, oh. . . you don’t have to go . . . oh, oh, oh. . . oh, ohhhhh, oh.”

28 11 2008

That sounds awesome! Sorry I missed it, but I bet it was great.

9 12 2008

Dammit! I didn’t see this post on time. 😦 Will an archived version of it be available anywhere?

10 12 2008
Jacky V.

Thanks Eliot. It was a lot of fun!

Missnomered: Unfortunately, they don’t archive this show at CBC. However, I have the whole show on CD and one of these days, I will condense it down to my own interview and maybe turn it into a video and put it on YouTube. Will post here when I do it.

25 12 2008

awesome, hope u have fun its a nice chance to spread info

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