What is the opposite of a rant?

22 10 2008

So yesterday I was ranting and, since I tend to be a pretty positive person, I wanted to do the opposite today. Something happened at work that more than made up for the 3 (another one happened today) “she’s” that I got this week. I saw a guy who works in the bookstore that I hadn’t seen in several months, partly because I am on part-time leave and not at the college that often and partly because he was (I think) ill for a while. When he saw me, his face brightened. He is always, always smiling – I’ve NEVER seen this guy frown, but his face brightened even more than usual. He exclaimed that I look great and he gave me a big bear hug right there in the bookstore. He looked so happy for me.

This really made my week. Many people have been commenting on the changes but kind of in a shy way, as if it were a taboo topic. He understood that this is a happy change and that there is no shame attached and treated it like any other wonderful and happy process. I felt all glowy inside after and I wish more people were able to treat my transition this way: as a happy process of growth, not a shameful thing to talk about in hushed tones.

Thanks S.!




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22 10 2008

Oh I hear yo onthis one! I’m glad that you have someone in your life that can recognize what a hppay, healing, good thing this is! Take it where you can….it is not taboo!

I saw a lady I worked with many years ago and whom I happened to like A LOT…I could not let her go by without saying hello. she was a little confussed at first but then she got it…she said I “took a leap” and she was happy for me. It was a very good thing.

Best Wishes !!!!!

23 10 2008

wonderful all the way around. It really feels good to be celebrated for coming into “focus” as I call it. To align body with spirit is scary, difficult, and exciting all at the same time. I am happy that you ran into someone that gets it. Perhaps take him for some coffee? He could be a great friend to have.

anyway if you can email Edward I would like to e added to his blog. Do you have anyway to reach him?

thanks jacky..still love the post. Give an update on body changes. I to date have been on T for the same time as you…

lets see.

more facial hair
more thining hair but I am on propecia for that and it has slowed it dramatically.
horny all the tiime..lol
skin is claming down..less outbreaks, but my back is having some acne. argh!
hairy on happy trail
ass is getting hair…me no likey!
lost about 4 inches in hips.
Body leaning out. loseing weight…down 12 pounds since starting T.
tired two days after shot, but then energy kicks in.
having a hard time sleeping soundly as I have started snoring..go figure. I wonder if it because my vocal cords are changing?
voice is much much lower
clit, penis, click, dicklet, whatever you want ot cal it is growing about 1 inch big now. Makes e consider matoidalplasty with testical implants, but will wait a few years.
no hysto yet, but soon

thats about it.

How you doing????

25 10 2008
Jacky V.

Edward: Yes, that is always a little weird when you accidentally bump into someone from the past. I’m always like: “Well, you *knew* me as Nancy but . . . ” Most of the time, I get positive responses.

Cris: Thanks for the update. I’ll try to blog soon about changes to date. I’ll write to Edward.

27 10 2008

I’d like to buy this guy a beer.

27 10 2008

It’s amazing how far a little kindness can go in this world . . .


27 10 2008
Jacky V.

yup! It DOES make a difference, bit by bit.

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