Showdown: Jacky vs. The Little Bottle of T

22 05 2008


So I did it. I got my script for T! I now have an appointment on Monday at 10:30 AM for my first injection!!!!!

Upcoming: a post describing my HILARIOUS day waiting to see the endo. In the meantime, I’m staring that little bottle of T straight in the eye . . .




5 responses

22 05 2008

Yay, congratulations!! The next three days will be LONG. Juice them, life will never be the same after Monday. 😉

23 05 2008

Just wanted to say congratulations!!!! As “genderoutlaw” posted …life will never be the same after Monday and I have to agree.

I remember getting my vial and thinking I would go right home and give myself a shot. I could not do it even though I wanted to so bad! Rick gave me my shots for the first 6 weeks or so until I could start giving them to myself lol!

At least your getting someone to give you yours and show you how….I was dumb enough to tell the Dr. that I would just pick up my T and syringes and figure it out myself. What the hell was I thinking!

I look forward to reading about what comes next for you.

24 05 2008

hey congrats!

I got my first bottle of T… actually 3 bottles. My doctors appointment is on Wednesday… I was meant to get my first shot on Thursday but the clinic had RUN OUT OF T, can you believe it?

25 05 2008
Jacky V.

Genderoutlaw . . . I did, trust me ; ) I will blog about it soon.

Ryan: so cool that we will be starting within 2 days of each other, and not that long after Genderoutlaw to boot.

25 05 2008
Jacky V.

Thanks Edward;

The endo actually wrote a “clinical service” prescription as well as the T + syringe script. So the nurse I am seeing actually does this all the time with various sorts of patients (diabetics, etc). I just hope I’ll be able to focus and remember how to do it!!!!

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