Countdown to injections

7 05 2008

So the countdown is on . . . in exactly two weeks I see the endocrinologist for the second time. The first time was April 23 and he sent me for a bunch of blood tests. Nice guy, was happy with the letter my psychologist had written. He said that if all the tests were reasonable, there was no reason he wouldn’t give me a prescription for testosterone.

SO. Here I sit, waiting to see what will happen, with butterflies in my stomach, not really believing that VERY VERY soon, I might be on testo. I try to keep calm, in case things don’t work out for health reasons. I don’t want to be too disappointed. On the other hand, I want to organise a BIG BIG party!

We’ll see . . .





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8 05 2008

Whoo hoo, that’s a party I would want to BE at! (I happen to share your affinity for metal.) I look forward to your T-tracking posts.

8 05 2008

Congrats dude!

I hope that all your tests come back A OK, and you are on the vitamin T asap!

9 05 2008
Jacky V.

G.O.: You are welcome to ANY of my parties, if you happen to be in Montreal when I have one. Heck, if you make it over, I’ll HAVE a party just so that you can be there! Same goes for you, Ryan, and thanks for the positive vibes. I wish you the same. Then we can be the 2008 T-Trio!

11 05 2008

Hey Jacky

I’m just discovering your website now becuase of nomorepotlucks… nice place you have here on the interwebs. i write about technology, media, culture, sex and girls. maybe your readers would be interested? Anyway, you should add my site to your blogroll if you feel so inclined… montreal bloggers in the lesbian, ftm, queer community should ban together non?


…and congrats on the testo!


14 05 2008

I vote a party! I vote a big party! …too bad we’re far away, so I’ll have to settle with wishing you congratulations from here!


14 05 2008
Jacky V.

Well, I AM organising a party after all. Even if I don’t get my testo, for some reason, I’m still transitioning socially and it’s still worth a party. Too bad you can’t come! Someday we’ll party together! Play video games maybe, or maybe you can teach me to skateboard.

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