22 03 2008


My mom called me “him” for the first time last night. A bunch of friends came over and one of them complimented my mom on giving them Jacky. I commented that she actually gave them “given female name” and that the Jacky part was a bit against her will (more on my coming out to my mom in a future post – it’s all good, don’t worry). Then my mom put her arms around my neck (I was sitting on a chair with my back to her), kissed my cheek and said: “I love HER, I love HIM, I love Her, I love HIM . . .it doesn’t matter, I just love.”


I love my mom.




5 responses

26 03 2008


26 03 2008
Jacky V.


27 03 2008

Congrats! Too kewl!

2 04 2008

Awwwwwww. She sounds wonderful.


2 04 2008
Jacky V.

Yeah. We worked hard to have a good relationship . . . it wasn’t always this way.

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