March 11 – 1,058 views!

11 03 2008

Holy moly! I’m amazed by this number and pleased that there are people who find this blog worth reading. I hope that trans and non-trans people alike are finding my writings useful and/or interesting. The blog stats tell me what people type into their search engines before stumbling onto this blog and I see that this blog is often coming up in searches such as decision to transition, FTM and so forth so I hope that some of the posts are helpful to those who are still on their quest. Don’t forget that these are MY views and that there is a large amount of diversity in the trans experience, not just between FTM and MTF but even among FTMs. We all transition (or not) for different reasons and it’s all good. It’s important to respect each other and avoid language wars about what is a REAL FTM, what is THE way to be an FTM, etc.

Anyway, thanks for reading and please don’t be shy to leave comments – I enjoy the dialogue and appreciate it when people are willing to share their own thoughts.



2 responses

19 03 2008


Bravo !
i’m sorry i won’t get to met you at the poly meeting, being male-bio and new to the poly community i can identify with the feeling of finding yourself finally and saying:”Wow this is me”. Althought i’m aware that my new found self is light-years away from everything your going thru, I’m happy for you.

Be well.

19 03 2008
Jacky V.

Thanks for the comment! Hopefully we will meet at a future GT.

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