I’m ready

5 03 2008

As of now, the first week of March 2008, I know that I’m ready to begin. Even weeks ago, I had trouble visualising the day when I would go get my first testosterone injection. But now I am permeated with a calm sense of knowing that this is right for me. I can picture waiting in a lobby of a clinic with (hopefully) one or two members of my chosen family. I anticipate how I am going to feel after. I look forward to having a party with all my friends to celebrate this rite of passage.

I’m ready.



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5 03 2008

Good luck! 😀 I hope you celebrate the start of your physical transition! Sneakergirl suggests bubble bath, a movie, and pizza.


5 03 2008
Jacky V.

Thanks Miranda! Sneakergirl’s suggestion sounds great! I’ll probably do the bubble bath after I have a party (with pizza of course!) with all my friends : ) Hope you are all well.

5 03 2008

What a great idea to celebrate this rite of passage 🙂
Kinda like a bar mitzvah. Very kewl!

5 03 2008
Jacky V.

Thanks Melissa! I’ll let you know for sure!

6 03 2008

Whatever you do, savor it and make it into a rite. It’s not every day one sets out on this type of journey, you know. You could break a bottle of champagne over your head like they do when christening ships 🙂 Or you could burn something (a bra or something you’re doing away with).

How exciting for you, Jacky — I wish you all the luck in the world.


6 03 2008
Jacky V.

Thanks Joyce : ) I’m very excited. I don’t know about breaking a bottle but I will definitey come up with something. Thanks for reading!

21 03 2008

You have been added to the LGBT Bloggers List I am compiling, because I think your fabulous.
hugs & Take Care

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