Blast from the past: Up the Irons!

26 01 2008

(Originally written July 29, 2005 on a much older blog)

Well, I’m still in the afterglow of yet another fantastic Iron Maiden adventure. I don’t believe I could ever get tired of seeing the boys live and of feeling the music course through my veins in a way that just isn’t possible when listening to them on the stereo.

We were 3rd row this time and the guards at the Collisée Pepsi in Quebec would not let us move up to the gate for some strange reason . . . but it was still a great show.

It’s funny when I think back to the first IM show that Joanne and I went to back in 1992 (Fear of the Dark tour) at the old Montreal Forum. We were a little intimidated; we had the impression that an IM show would be very serious in nature, mostly theatrical. When we were there, though, it turned out that the guys seem to be having a blast on stage and their enthusiasm is beyond contagious. We loved observing Jannick’s crazy antics, Steve’s lip-synching and, most of all, Bruce’s passion as his voice touches the very depths of our souls. Of course, being an absolute beauty far from hinders the wonderful impact that he has on the both of us . . . an effect that lasts even today.

But it’s hard to put my finger on one specific thing that it is about Iron Maiden that produces so much magic. It’s not *just* the music, it’s not *just* their stage presence, it’s not *just* the passion . . . it’s not *just* anything. It’s a package deal; everything about these guys and the music that they create fits together to help foster a unique atmosphere.

It’s funny to think that, at 32, their music still touches me as deeply as it did when I was 13, if not more. I can relate to it in much different ways, now, of course, with more life experience and more emotional baggage that I’ve accumulated. But it still helps me maintain a drive that is inexplicable in it’s intensity; a drive that I have anyway because it’s inherent to who I am but that needs a little boost now and then.

Thanks guys.




4 responses

28 12 2010
Keith Spillett

Maiden live is a great experience!!! I’ve followed them around and seen them several times. The last tour they did Moonchild and my brain nearly exploded.

28 12 2010
Jacky V.

They are unbeatable! Where did you see them? I wish I could follow them around more. When they come to my area, I usually go to Montreal and Quebec City. Been to Toronto the last couple of times. Furthest I was able to go (because of parental duties and money constraints) was Florida.

28 12 2010
Keith Spillett

I saw them a whole bunch in New York (with Blaze Bayley first, then several times with Dickinson). Last time I saw them, my friend and I drove from Atlanta (where I live and where they sure as heck will never play) to Baltimore. Every time is great, but the MSG show in New York on the Brave New World tour was the best. Bunch of crazy New York metalheads screaming every lyric at top volume. The Trooper was unreal that night. I figure I’ll catch them once more before they go gently into that good night. We’ve got two little kids now and I am in the same boat.

28 12 2010
Jacky V.

Awesome. I can’t get enough. People wonder why I keep going even though I’ve seen them roughly a dozen or more times. But . . . it’s just magical, what can I say! I have another post on here called A Matter of Life and Death. I just imported a bunch of entries (including this one) to this blog from an older one and I’m still organising the tags and categories and all that, but you should be able to find it under the “music” category. You caught this one seconds after I transferred them.

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