Blast from the past: First drag king performance

26 01 2008

(Originally written May 21, 2006 on my old blog).

Well, I finally did it. My first drag performance. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time but didn’t know when I would have the opportunity. When I saw the message about a contest, I figured it would be a great way to start. It was specified that beginners were welcome so I figured they wouldn’t be too hard on me. 

There were three acts in the contest and it was all our first time. I really liked the other performers (as people AND as performers). They were awesome, which is why I still can’t believe I actually won first prize!!

But, really, I wasn’t in it for that, it was just a nice bonus to a very gratifying and elating experience.

See, the song I decided to lip-sync was none other than Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast!!” I’ve mentioned in a previous post how much I connect with their music so it was only natural for me to choose one of their songs for my first drag performance. I got SO into it that I felt that Bruce Dickinson himself was with me. *sigh*

There were a few technical problems: first, they turned the volume up only halfway through the spoken intro of the song. Then, the CD was skipping during the already long intrumental part, making it even longer than the 1 minute 20 seconds that I had already agonised over. I mean, one can only headbang and make the crowd scream for so long! Finally, the CD skipped during the last verse. I handled it by pretending to have the hiccups, which went over quite well.

Yeah, so after listening to this song for 20 years (!!) I knew the lyrics and the music well enough so that I felt very comfortable doing all this. But most of all, it felt amazing to be up their on stage performing to the beat of the music of the gods. I already love stage performance (I’ve done theatre before and loved it) and I already love to do drag. So performing in drag is perfect . . .and VERY addictive. I do think I shall be doing it again . . .especially since I met some wonderful people who are looking to get the drag king scene out there in people’s faces. Montreal has a very appalling drag king / drag queen ratio! But we will work on that!



One response

6 03 2008
Tarald Stein

I plan on doing a drag-queen show when my breasts are removed and everyone finally can see that I’m a man dressing like a woman. I’ve never had problems with female cothing, and actually still find them the prettiest. I kind of miss that, although it was hard to dress up every day.

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