Blast from the past: A word for Sheemie

26 01 2008

(Originally written February 19, 2006 on a much blog).

**Spoiler alert! Read past the “read more” link or the stars at your own risk!**

In my last post, I wrote down my immediate reactions to the end of the Dark Tower series. I mentioned a whole bunch of people that had been a part of Roland’s life but I neglected to mention the helpful breakers in the last novel. They, of course, played a pivotal role in the quest for the tower, as did other individuals that were not mentioned either, but I especially wanted to make a special note for Sheemie. 


I was very pleasantly surprised to see him again; dear old Sheemie who tried so hard to help Susan and who was so adoring to Roland’s original ka-tet, especially Cuthbert (not to mentioned that, thanks to him, I finally found out how to pronounce Cuthbert!!). I guess what is amazing about a person like Sheemie is the childish innocence and the quasi-religious devotion that he invests in his relationships with those who have helped him.

I *do* wish that we readers would have had the opportunity to be with him at his death. To come back to Roland’s world and find out from Susannah . . . just seemed to trivialise the important role that he played in two drastically different whens. We would have owed him that much; to sit next to him as he uttered his last words, perhaps something like: “The Beam says thank ya!” or “Dear Roland, Will Dearborn that was.”

I hope that he is in good company with his old friends Cuthbert and Alain in the clearing at the end of the path.



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